8 OZ Package - Juniper Needles and Berries
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This is a vacuum packed 8 ounce bag of freshly harvested juniper needles with berries. They are NOT dehydrated - they are fresh and havested in the USA (unlike most juniper products on the market)!

This is a mix of both the berries and the needles of the tree. There is very little bark or woody substance, other than what is found between the needles in the needle clusters. The Juniper trees that grow native in Colorado are called Rocky Mountain Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum), which have very small berries that mature every 18-36 months. We have found in all of our research and with our own experimentation that when using Rocky Mountain Juniper that you can use both the berries and the needles together to produce the same results as if you only used just berries in the brew. 

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About the Juniper Trees:

Juniperus scopulorum (Rocky Mountain juniperis a species of juniper native to western North America, in Canada in British Columbia and southwest Alberta, in the United States from Washington east to North Dakota, south to Arizona and also locally western Texas, and northernmost Mexico from Sonora east to Coahuila. It grows at altitudes of 1,600–8,900 ft on dry soils, often together with other juniper species. "Scopulorum" means "of the mountains”.

Juniper is a member of the ancient cypress family. The trees are dioecious, meaning there are both male and female trees. The berries contain α-pinene which imparts a pine or rosemary flavor.

Other Uses – Food & Medicine:

Juniper has been documented being used in beverages and tonics since as early as the thirteenth century, where it was said to boil the berries in rainwater to treat stomach pain. Some Plateau Indian tribes boiled an infusion from the needles and inner bark to treat coughs and fevers. The berries were also sometimes boiled into a drink used as a laxative and to treat colds. 

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8 OZ Package - Juniper Needles and Berries

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