Welcome to Spruce on Tap! We supply Spruce Tips (also known as spruce boughs or spruce buds), Yarrow and other wild harvested, natural ingredients for the beer brewing community.  Spruce up your next beer with some fun, naturally harvested ingredients!


Spruce tips are NOW IN STOCK!!! We are currently harvesting spruce tips and plan to continue through July. Even if you don't plan to brew with spruce until winter, you may want to order soon considering we will most likely sell out before winter arrives! Please allow about a week for your order to ship since we are still harvesting.

Typically we harvest Spruce Tips in the early summer, Juniper Berries and Yarrow all summer and Choke Cherries in the fall. If we are out of stock on a particular item and you are interested in receiving an email when the product becomes available, email us a brew@spruceontap.com. Be sure to let us know which items(s) you are interested in. Cheers!



Spruce On Tap works with Goose Island Beer Co for a Scandinavian Treat - Gran Gås:

Spruce On Tap works with Riff Raff Brewing Co - Spruce Juice:

We are also currently working with Alagash Brewing and Dogfish Head Brewing on some fun new beers! Look for them this fall.

*** NOTE *** - To learn more about spruce tips, yarrow and other ingredients in the homebrewing world including recipes, history and more, click the 'About Us' link at the bottom of the page or click on any of the products for more info.